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Update to our services during Covid-19 isolation period

During these uncertain times our thoughts are with those who are vulnerable.

Please be kind and think of your neighbor who may be high risk or your friend who is an immigrant without financial aid.
During this difficult period, we should be looking out for one another.

As for Hub design, we will be doing our best to continue working on current and new projects remotely in order to follow the guidelines which are set out to protect our community.                                                                                      Understandably, many of you will use this time in your home to be productive around the house and finally complete those jobs you’ve always been meaning to.
We will be able to provide advice and consultations via a video service and of course calls/Emails, please do not hesitate to get in touch, even just for a chat!

Our updated services are as follows:

Standard kitchen design including plans and elevations $500

Bespoke designer kitchen including plans, elevations, 3D render, colour, fittings and material specifications  $1500

Standard bathroom design including plans and elevations $250

Designer bathroom including plans elevations, 3D render, colour, fittings and material specifications $500

In depth consult via Facetime or Skype for interior and exterior advice (including colour advice, spatial planning advice, tips and tricks etc etc) $200

Free quotes for Blinds, Drapes, Carpet, Tiles and Wood flooring from plans only.

Other services available upon request (custom furniture design, CAD drawings, lighting design, commercial planning) if we can do it via phone/video/Email we’re happy to talk!

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