Carmen Hubber


Hub Design creates spaces for clients to thrive. Our Interior Design philosophy is a careful balance between beauty, fun and functionality, it’s all in the details. Every project focuses on the needs and desires of the client’s lifestyle needs and their stories, to help create authentic environments, that suit their budget and lifestyle.

We are the longest running, locally owned, interior design business in the Queenstown area. For over 20 years we have gained a wealth of knowledge and passion designing interiors; these experiences have led to the deep understanding and appreciation of quality craftsmanship and natural materials. Hub Design boasts a large sampling of bespoke brands at our Queenstown studio, where you can view and touch all the fabrics, tiles, flooring, wallpaper, curtains, blinds and furniture for your home or commercial space.

“To create beautiful spaces that are not only beautiful but fun, not only elegant but comfortable, designs that are not only for looks but for living” -Audrey Hepburn